Carrera 2.4GHz Mario Kart™ Yoshi - Quad
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Carrera 2.4GHz Mario Kart™ Yoshi - Quad

Carrera RC Yoshi Quad - Carrera RC Quad - Yoshi on the road to victory - Length approx. 19.5 cm - NEW with a 3.2 V 700 mAh LiFePo4 battery - Age 6 and upwards Green good guy Yoshi's ready for a taste of victory Away from the track Mario's buddy Yoshi puts his foot to the floor on his Carrera RC Quad. Not only has the verdant good guy been through countless gaming adventures with his friend, Mario, he's also taken the spotlight in several of his own video games. No Mario Kart game is complete without Yoshi, and he shows off his experience as a racing driver in his sturdy Carrera RC Quad. Join Yoshi on exciting voyages of discovery Major league pneumatic tyres ensure you and your green hero are perfectly equipped for off-road adventures. The green Quad is approximately 19.4 cm long, is easy to control for first-time drivers aged 6 years upwards and zooms along safely on all surfaces. Top speeds of up to 9 km/h make Yoshi a likely candidate for top spot on the winners' podium in home-circuit Mario Kart Cups. Your imagination has a free rein as you choose where to drive: You pick the route, set up hidden short-cuts and release the beast. Races last up to 30 minutes before the 3.2 V 700 mAh battery takes a quick 50-minute recharge break. The USB cable included in the box guarantees easy recharging via laptop or powerbank away from home.

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