Baby Born Little Girl 36cm
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Baby Born Little Girl 36cm

The doll girl has 7 amazing functions, all of which work without batteries. She has the accessories she needs to support the functions with her.She drinks water from the bottle and can then pee in the diaper, sit on the potty, and even shed real doll tears. In addition to drinking from the bottle, she also makes her first attempts at eating with the spoon from the plate, but still without porridge and solid food. With the plate in a can shape and the spoon with the bear handle, it works quite well.After the meal, she needs to take a nap. When you lay the little one on her back, she closes her sleep eyes. Sometimes she also needs a pacifier to fall asleep. It is sewn onto the striped onesie, so it doesn't get lost in the bed gap or on the go.At 36 cm, the little one is just the right size for small doll parents from 2 years old.BABY born Little with 7 lifelike functions inspires varied role play and play, fostering imagination and supporting the development of social skills and values. From 24 months.Includes:BABY born Little girl doll 36 cm with onesie and hat1 potty, 1 diaper, 1 bottle, 1 plate with spoon, 1 pacifier, and 1 birth certificate

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