Creativ Company Magic Marble Marble Paint
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Creativ Company Magic Marble Marble Paint

Liquid marbling colours that you can use to create unique marbled surfaces.With marbling paints you can paint on all kinds of surfaces - from wood, glass and porcelain to plastic, cardboard, metal, terracotta and styrofoam. The colours are fast-drying, weather-resistant - and come with a high lightfastness. But remember, before you start, shake the paints well. First, pour water into a bowl - the bowl should be deep enough to dip the piece below the surface. Then drop in paint drops and gently drag a stick over the surface of the water to marbleise the colours. Now dip the piece carefully - lift up and let dry.Make marbled eggs - they look so good on the Easter table Create beautiful marble effects on terracotta figurines and hang them on freshly cut branches from the garden Create a marbled terracotta vase where there is always room for a colourful bouquetTranslated with (free version)

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