Carrera RC 2.4GHz Red Hunter X
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Carrera RC 2.4GHz Red Hunter X

The pimped Red Hunter X with extra large pneumatic tires brings action to the nursery and the garden. With the 25 cm long off-roader and its full function control, you can precisely and safely steer your vehicle to the finish line. The vehicle is supplied ready-to-run, i.e. with 6x AA (LR06) batteries. So you can immediately let the tires squeal and make the race track unsafe. With the 2.4 GHZ technology you can drive up to 16 vehicles at the same time on one track without having to pay attention to the frequency. So get on the controller and really step on the gas.

Inventering: Nej
Lagra artikelnummer: 3006592
Frakt: Ukendt.

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