Creativ Company Elastic Color Thickness 1mm 10x3.5m
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Creativ Company Elastic Color Thickness 1mm 10x3.5m

Assortment of round fabric elastic in very good quality and nice colours. The elastic cord is used for example with beads and as decorative thin cord for hanging etc.Need extra colour when making bracelets etc. with the kids? Then you can use this elastic cord for beads with a hole size of at least 1-2 mm. Choose whether the beads are made of wood, plastic or clay - and if you want to enjoy the delicious colours on the elastic, tie a knot with ends that are long enough for them to be seen. In addition to use with beads, this elastic cord is also popular as an alternative to regular thin cord. It is often used, for example, for hanging branch ornaments and pendants on bags, etc.

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