Aquaplay Polar
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Aquaplay Polar

The AquaPlay Polar set is so special. The popular waterways- play system comes with translucent water channels that shine in strong turquoise. It's icy here!Icebergs, white connecting parts and the two new characters, Olivia and Toni, fit perfectly into the wintry atmosphere. The saber-toothed tiger Olivia has a very special characteristic. Her cheeky stripes turn from beige to red at a temperature below 10 degrees. The polar bear Toni with his cute hat accompany Olivia.A large iceberg with a reservoir offers kids plenty of play options in the AquaPlay Polar water play set. While Olivia is taking a long bath in the reservoir, the polar bear Toni goes on a discovery adventure with his container boat.Despite the new color scheme, the modular plug-in system can still be expanded to an unlimited extent with other AquaPlay play sets and can become part of a large AquaPlay water world.The AquaPlay Polar water play set is suitable for children aged three and older. AquaPlay is made in Germany from high quality UV-resistant plastic. The track is easy to assemble. Perfectly designed seals can be easily fixed and close the channels completely and tight.

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