Creativ Company Textile paint - Primary Yellow 500ml
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Creativ Company Textile paint - Primary Yellow 500ml

Semi-covering, water-based textile dye in good and wet quality for light textiles of cotton, linen etc. After iron fixation the colours stay nice in the wash at 40 degrees C.The paint is applied with a brush, stamps or dabbed on with a foam stencil and removed from tools with lukewarm water. If you want to paint on dark or coloured fabrics, the colours will be very muted as they are not full coverage. But the surface to be decorated can be primed beforehand with the colour "opaque white" from the same range - and now the colours will appear intense and fresh on the white base. Remember to put plastic inside mule bags and t-shirts, for example, so that the paint doesn't penetrate to the back. Iron-on fixing: put baking paper over and under the item. Iron on high heat for 2-5 minutes all over the decorated surface.

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