Creativ Company Silicone Molds Light Blue 100ml
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Creativ Company Silicone Molds Light Blue 100ml

Mould in silicone. The mould can be used for concrete, plaster and soap casting. Withstands max 230 °C.For soap and candle moulding, the moulding compound is hot, so we recommend placing the silicone mould on a heat-resistant surface. Pour the ready-mixed casting compound for candles, soap, hobby concrete, plaster or other into the mould and allow it to harden completely. It is easy to get the castings out of the flexible silicone mould, which can be rinsed with lukewarm water if there is any residue in the mould.Depending on the design of the silicone mould, it can be used for small soaps, small picture hangers, candle holders with light cuffs moulded in - or for moulded feet for small sculptures. The possibilities are endless

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